About us

At Woodworm Treatment , we are focused on providing treatment to eradicate woodworm from your home or business, backed by a 20 year guarantee.

Our woodworm treatments are safe and solvent free, pleasant to use and leave no stains or colour. They have no smell, so no odours are left behind in your property (unlike many other types of woodworm treatment).

We treat woodworm issues in properties of all ages and sizes.

If you wish to have a property inspected (inspection is free), and for us to quote on work then please give us a call or email.

We will

  • Arrange a convenient time to visit the property.
  • Inspect and determine if the woodworm is active and assess the extent of the problem.
  • Recommend the treatment required.
  • Quote you a price for the work.
  • if you wish for us to carry out treatment then we will arrange a suitable date and complete work.
  • On completion we issue the 20 year guarantee and thank you for your business.