Rot is a major cause of timber decay in buildings and the two most common are dry rot and wet rot.

The Rot is caused by fungal decay in building timbers.

Dry rot is wood decay caused by certain species of fungi that digest parts of the wood which give the wood strength and stiffness. 

Signs of dry rot can be: a distinct mushroom smell, white fungal growth with yellow and lilac tinges, cracks appear within the wood and both hard and softwoods can be affected.

Wet rot is less serious but more frequent, and is typically confined to the area where timber has become and remains wet.

Signs of wet rot are: loss of strength to the timber, a damp musty smell, distortion, discolouration, softness and cracking, fungal growth may be visible.

Wood rot will spread and needs to be treated as it will weaken and destroy timber.

We will

  • Arrange a convenient time to visit the property.
  • Inspect the wood rot and determine what needs to be done to remedy the problem.
  • Recommend the action required.
  • Quote you a price for the work.
  • if you wish for us to carry out work then we will arrange a suitable date and complete work.
  • On completion we issue a guarantee for all work undertaken - thank you for your business.